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  • I’m an artist, maker, designer, how can I apply?

    You can apply online at our website.
    Our application period for this year's festival is closed. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates for future festival open calls.

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  • I’m an artist with gallery representation, can I still apply?

    Yes, we love galleries. Art and Social Activism is a collaborative platform to promote artists and create a more inclusive creative economy. Our scholarly, curated exhibitions are aimed to advance artist recognition and benefit galleries in the same way that showing in museums, non-profit spaces and biennials would.

  • I have a gallery, can I nominate an artist?

    Absolutely. Our vision is to be champions of smaller galleries, collectives, artist-run spaces, and alternative galleries.

    How is Art and Social Activism responding to the elitist, exclusionary practices of the current creative economy while creating a collaborative platform?

    The high cost of rent has forced many smaller galleries and retail stores to close, leaving talented artists, makers and designers with fewer opportunities to exhibit and sell their work.

    Our festivals uplift professional artists, makers and designers by heightening their visibility and finding new ways to introduce their work to collectors, customers and the public.

    Unlike art and craft fairs which are short in duration, offer limited curation, and a crowded visitor experience, our socially engaged festivals will be on view for four weeks, featuring exhibitions installed by a Curatorial Committee who select artists via an “open call” offering an engaging cultural and educational experience that will be significantly more rewarding to participating artists, makers and ethical businesses as well as visitors seeking socially conscientious art and ethical brands.

    How is Art and Social Activism offering greater professional agency?

    It is our mission to create a platform for the creative community that amplifies its independent spirit and harnesses our collective strength.

    Artists, makers, and designers today are entrepreneurs, promoting their businesses and selling directly to consumers through social media and e-commerce platforms, as well as participating in independent artist and craft fairs.

    The Art and Social Activism platform helps artists and ethical businesses grow their networks through visibility at our festivals, features on our website, newsletters and social media.

    How do our festivals support social activism?

    We see our festivals as acts of activism, a response to the elitist and exclusionary practices of the current market structure for artists, galleries, makers and designers.

    Furthermore, our exhibitions present art that addresses issues of social injustice. We believe that art has the power to evoke an emotional response and ignite the visitor to take action.

    Festival programming includes partnerships with community and social justice organizations leading “Take Action Nights,” which include grassroots phone-banking, canvas training, and other efforts in advance of the 2020 election.

    Why bring visual artists and designers into dialogue?

    We believe that artists, makers and conscientious consumers are powerful agents for positive change.

    Will Art and Social Activism produce other Festivals?

    Glad you asked! Yes, we are planning three New York City festivals for 2019-2020. Subscribe to our Newsletter for updates.

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    What are the terms and conditions for participants

  • ARTISTS: Please see the terms and conditions here

  • MAKERS: Please see the terms and conditions here


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