The theme for the 2019 festival is Dignity: Care for Each Other and Our Planet.

Self-represented artists, small, and nomadic galleries were selected following an "Open Call" and thoughtful review process by our curatorial committee. Selected works explore themes of identity, inequality, immigration, forced separation, and environmental degradation. The exhibition aims to inspire reflection, dialogue, and action.

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Vincent Smarkusz museum

Vincent Smarkusz 1919-1974, undiscovered American Genius in Modern Art. Productive years 1941-1974


Proof: Media for social justice

The work will be 5 portraits of the citizens we photographed in the 5 different locations


The immigrant Artist Biennial

Yali Romagoza's installation will include a selection of recent photographic performative works, mounted on aluminum, installed in a grid on a wall painted with wide red and blue vertical stripes.

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